Support Southwick

Many thanks for your continued financial support! We have recently set up a bank account so that you can directly deposit and have ALL of your donation go to the cause rather than have some of it go to GoFundMe fees. You're welcome to still use the GoFundMe if you prefer that option.


If you wish to make a donation, please make a check out to Maryssa Cook-Obregón with 'Save Southwick' in the memo and send it to:


PO Box 772

Southwick, MA 01077


If you want to save on postage or make a cash donation, we can certainly arrange to meet with you in person. We will send receipts confirming your donation.


All of our fundraiser is going towards our legal fees. Our legal team consists of Attorney Tim Ryan of Egan, Flanagan & Cohen LLC .and Al Norman of Sprawl-Busters